08/26/2020 HTML Cerradinho Bio creates business division for products derived from corn
04/22/2019 HTML Sanches Fernandes Family donates 3 hemodialysis machines for HPA in Catanduva
09/20/2017 HTML CerradinhoBio seeks to diversify raw materials for ethanol*
09/14/2017 HTML CerradinhoBio is featured in the “Empresa Mais” Award from Estadão newspaper*
09/08/2016 HTML CerradinhoBio receives 2016 MasterCana Award*
09/08/2016 HTML CerradinhoBio among the 1000 largest companies in Brazil*
08/15/2016 HTML CerradinhoBio maintains its growth pace and borrows R$150 million in resources with IFC*
11/04/2015 HTML CerradinhoBio consolidates governance with Vice President hiring*
08/27/2015 HTML Cerradinho Bioenergia improves 197 positions at Valor1000 ranking*
07/16/2015 HTML CerradinhoBio among the 1000 largest companies in Brazil!
04/15/2015 HTML CerradinhoBio is featured in Best Manufacturing Practices*
04/06/2015 HTML CerradinhoBio among Top 100 Innovative in IT use*
03/30/2015 HTML CerradinhoBio Record - 4 million ton of cane crushed!*
03/30/2015 HTML CerradinhoBio achieves excellent results in the 2014/15 crop*
02/13/2015 HTML Cerradinho Receives Green Energy Seal*
01/28/2015 HTML CerradinhoBio Develops Back to School Program*
12/18/2014 HTML BNDES approves R$592.1 million for four innovative projects in the sugar and ethanol industry
12/01/2014 HTML CerradinhoBio receives the Master Cana Brazil Award*
11/20/2014 HTML Agro Vision Award 2014 - CerradinhoBio among the best!*
08/25/2014 HTML CerradinhoBio is awarded in MasterCana 2013*
05/12/2014 HTML Cerradinho outlines ambitious expansion plans*
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